Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Borobudur is located in central Java and become one of seven wonder in world. This beautiful temple was built on a small hill in the Kedu Basin, a rich, fertile valley surrounded by spectacular volcanoes. To the east lie Merapi and Merbabu and to the north lies Sumbing and Sindoro. The unusual jagged Menoreh Hills encircle the temple to the South and West. The temple is also located near the meeting place of two rivers, the Elo and the Progo. These rivers are believed to be symbolic of the Gangga and Yamuna, the two rivers feeding the Indus valley in India. The location was most likely chosen for its central location and expansive views.
This famous Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, it was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,500 m2. Around the circular platforms are 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Baladewa Twin Waterfalls, located in Desa Wirogomo, Kecamatan Banyu Biru, Kabupaten Semarang, Central Java. The visitor who wanna had vacation in this beautiful and exotic place, have to pass rising curving road. Absolutly, this place only be reach on foot only. The visitor can wash their face by using the pure water. And sitting around it for refreshing their mind. The origin inhabitant believe that Baladewa, one of strongest puppet hero, put his hand in the air. He held Kelir Mountain in right hands, and Telemoyo Mountain in his left hands. , and when Baladewa step in the ground, the water out from the mountain. So it was called twin waterfalls by inhabitant. Twin waterfalls has the other meaning as the sign of justice and balance.
To enter this exotic place, every visitor was charged Rp. 2.000,- and Rp. 1.000,- for parking services. What a beautiful place...so what you wating fot...just packing and go...


Located in Solo, Central Java, this place offer traditional situation The front fa├žade of it, with two round main pillars with two curved lines on the top, immediately reminded me of something, obviously this was an art deco style house, built some time between 1920 and 1940. This palce originally belong to Ibu Hajjah Pusposumarto, a Laweyan batik trader and eventually it passed to Nina Akbar Tanjung. Everything here were original. The house has ten deluxe type rooms, one junior suite and two royal suites. Ih has Laras restaurant, which offer traditional cuisine like nasi jemblung, wedang cemol, es cincau kawista, pisang owol etc. For example, nasi jemblung was served in a banana leaf, with semur and sambal, lalapan and kerupuk. Wedang cemol is a hot beverages made from ginger, sugar syrup, peanuts, young coconut,kolangkaling, and slices of bread. Mmh cant wait to taste all. So guys...prepare your self and go to Central Java. Solo...here we come...

Monday, March 16, 2009


This beautiful and exotic beach located in Bangka Island. This island include in to Bangka Belitung Regency. Bangka and Belitung Regency has 12 beautiful beacc. They are Matras beach, Parai Tenggiri beach, Tanjung Pesona beach, Teluk Limau beach. Batu Bedaun beach, Batavia Bangka beach, Teluk Uber beach, Tikus beach, Romodong beach, Mas Air Anyir beach, Temberan beach, Penyusuk beach.
Most of those beach still virgin. Only two beach which managed by private investor. They are Parai Tenggiri beach and Tanjung Pesona beach. There are so many facilities hotel and restaurant around this beach. This beach also provided with spa, banana boat, and outbond facilities.
Parai tenggiri baech dominated with big coral stone. This beach ever be one of location for one national movie, “Laskan Pelangi or Rainbow Troops”. From the top of coral stone we can see South China Sea which calm and so exotic.
Every visitor is charged Rp.25.000 for entering this area.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Semarang is the capital of Central Java. It was a historic and charming city. Semarang well known as an old city. We can find out many ancient places of worship, like Lawang Sewu or “Seribu Pintu” in Java language. It is called Lawang Sewu cause this old building has so many door around it. And then Semarang has Grand Mosque of Central Java (Mesjid Agung Jawa Tengah) and the Tower Mosque (Mesjid Menara), attract both foreign and domestic tourist.

There’s also the “Bulging Church” (Gereja Blenduk), and Vihara Buddhagaya, the oldest Buddhist monastery in Indonesia. So I f we wanna see one of ancient places in Indonesia, we can visit semarang.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Moluccas islands group with its surrounding seas constitute Indonesia’s largest water territory. The gateway to Ambon, Halmahera and Seram islands inhabited by a number of different tribal communities with their individual uniqueness of culture. Their works of arts are dominated by handicraft made from sea shells and dried cloves.

These are the spice island. The islands which had played a colorful role in the history of the world by being the destination point of merchant vessels from the old world on their worldwide voyages in search of exotic spices from faraway places.
Banda Neria, through but a smack town on the island of Banda, may pride itself for having in the seas surrounding it one of the most spectacular ocean gardens in the world.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This island is richly endowned with natural peninsulas, deep gulf, high mountains and steep valleys. The northern and central peninsulas boast many beautiful lakes on the their land. The flora fauna of Sulawesi are typical transition species of two continents, Asia and Australia. The island's tropical forest offer sanctuary to a wide variety of rare animasl like anoa, maleo, tangkasi, kuskus, and other species.
Sulawesi is the home of tens of ethnic groups of the peolpe with respective individual cultures. The islander's srtrong ties with the sea since ages past are envidenced by their Phinisi boats, whereas their highly reverred traditions are reflected in the important rituals being ardently honored by them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Raja Ampat Archipelago Papua

Paradise. Amazement speech come from many tourist who visit Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua. This archipelago is so exotic. Kabupaten Raja Ampat has 610 island. The biggest are Misool, Salawati, Batanta, And Waigeo island. Only 35 island has inhabitant, and the others are uninhabited.

Raja Ampat has so much natural capital. It has about 1047 fish species. Here we can meet scarce animals easily, like mollusk. We can find 699 mollusk species in Raja Ampat. The diver can find Manta Rays Fish. It has unique shape like a bat and has a dark color but this fish is not danger. And here we can find sea rabbit or nudibrance which cute and funny and many species of octopus. But Raja Ampat has one of danger species. It called Baracuda fish. Baracuda like to attack the diver who wear sparkle diving equipment.

Raja Ampat inclide in Segi Tiga Karang (Coral Triangle) which consist of Indonesia, Filipina, Malaysia, Papua Nugini, Jepang and Australia. This area popular cause they have the richest variety biological in the world. This coral’s condition is good and has combination of variety coral and fish . Or you can visit Batanta waterfalls which located in Batanta Island. In the morning, in Gam island, we can see directly Cendrawasih bird, a famous and almost scarce bird. It has beautiful fur all around its body. There is also cottage in Kri island, all materials made from wood, bamboo and rumbia. Its so impressed.


Telaga Thowet located in Dusun Blimbing, Desa Girisekar, Kecamatan Panggang, Yogyakarta, Central Java. Hundred people who live around it, do some ritual before enter Ramadhan, a holy month for Moslem. Its called by “padusan”. Even before Ramadhan, they also often use it for their need like shower, and wash their clothes, but “padusa” is a special ritual.
Padusa means clean all over body, it means that the people who do “padusa” is ready for greet and enter Ramadhan. Ramadhan identical as a holy month, so everyone who going to perform fasting have to be clean their heart and mind.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ujung Genteng located in Sukabumi Regency, West Java, around 80 km south of Pelabuhan Ratu. A beautiful beach with white sand, seawater as clear as an aquarium, and one of destination for surfer lover. The waves at this beach are so calm which naturally break up the incoming waves.
Gazing off to the northwest, about 2 kilometers, there is Cibuaya beach, another beautiful beach where people can fishing around a coastal basin that forms a small bay, the former delta of a now-dry river. The water at Cibuaya beach is so clear, shallow, and almostwaveless. About 30 kilometers from Cibuaya beach there is Ombak Tujuh beach. The access to Ombak Tujuh beach was not easy. The visitor entered the forest of Cibabi, where tall grass grew denser, alongside bamboo and several species of tall trees.
Ombak Tujuh beach forms a long curve, with a sloping section stretching to the north and another part curving to the south comprised of coral hills. The big waves, up to two meters, come from this part, the sloping part of the beach only gets ripples. Its called Ombak Tujuh (Seven Waves) because the waves here roll in unbroken series of waves. Perhaps someone one counted and perceived that there were seven waves in each series. Gazing off to the north, there is Batu Keris beach. This beach, shaped like amphitheater with a floor of flat black coral rocks in unique patterns.


Lombok island is now following in the footsteps of Bali, its neighbouring island. offering visitors its natural beauty of the Rinjani Mountain with the Tegalwarna lake on its top. it has three colurs.

we can see it when we fly to Maumere.The island's agriculture land with its teracced irrigation system develop by the dominant ethnic groups, the Sasak community. They have developed a typical architecture for its houses and traditional pattern for its villages.

while the Sumbawa island offers visitor a panorama of nature comprising hilly marginal terrains and wide savannah, and the traditional lifestyles of its Bima and Boja ethnic groups. Lombok has Senggigi beach too. A virgin beach which has beautiful panorama. Many tourist visit this place.


Stretching the length of Sumatra the second largest island of Indonesia, the spectacular Bukit Barisan, mountain range consist of peaks margins from 5000 to 12000 feet in altitude. breathtaking views of surrounding landscape await their assailants.

The abundance of fauna and flora to be found amid its endless lakes, rivers, valleys and mountains of Sumatra create an indescribable tropical experience.

Tens of indigenous ethnic groups of people with their kaleidoscopic communities and cultures are living side by side on an island stretching 1060 miles lengthwise from its northwestern to southern tips.

The natural world of Sumatra and its potpouri of Sumatra cultures is in itself a spellbinding experience.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sebangau National Park

Sebangau National Park, bounded by the Katingan and Sebangau rivers, covers an area of 568,700 hectares and was designated a national park by the Forestry Department on 19 October 2004. Everyone who visits is enchanted by the beautiful scenery, the abundant agro ecosystem, traditional fishery and culture and the local wisdom of park’s human communities, who reside there peacefully and harmony.

Sebangau National Park is also under threat from destructive practices such as illegal logging and digging of canal that destroy the peat bogs, causing the terrain to dry out and leading to forest fires.

WWF Indonesia has three major targets it wishes to achieve through its programs in Sebangau. First, the peat bogs in the Sebangau area need to be preserved and managed in a collaborative and sustainable way. Second, to improve the quality of life for local communities. Third, local administrations should integrate the principles of conversation and sustainable development into all policies and planning.

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